Thursday, December 12, 2013

Site Division Overview

The site division is feeling the effects of the building momentum of the economy, especially in the housing sector, which is a good sign of things to come and something we have not seen for quite a while.  The estimating department is overwhelmed with requests to provide pricing for residential sub-divisions and we have been quite successful in the Frederick County and Montgomery County areas of Maryland.  Currently, 36% of our work in Maryland consists of nine active residential developments. The Pennsylvania residential market has yet to see this kind of activity but we feel it slowly building.

The site division has also made great progress and has achieved a good reputation with owners and engineers in the landfill market which has given us a steady workload in landfill cell construction and landfill capping.  Kinsley’s site division has learned from the building division that design-build work can be lucrative and we continue to increase our involvement in this type of work, which helps set us apart from our competitors who do not have these capabilities.  Recently we have been awarded two design-build projects with Food Lion and worked with the bridge division to assist them in securing a contract with one of our long-term developer clients for a $3.5 million, 135’ long bridge.  Commercial work and military installation work are still steady and fill out the remainder of our estimating and field workload.

Mike Royer,
Site Division Manager