Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lanchester Landfill

Kinsley Site is in the process of completing Lanchester Landfill Area E Stage 1b.  This is Phase two of a three-phase project to build an 18-acre cell. The scope of work in Stage 1b was mainly to prepare the site for the installation of a MSE Wall (Mechanically Stabilized Earthen Wall) and make modifications to the existing leachate collection system.

The work consisted of crushing approximately 150,000 cubic yards of rock that was stockpiled from the first phase, screening 20,000 cubic yards of topsoil, and decommissioning three sediment basins by in-filling them to the grades required for the MSE wall.  Kinsley crews were also tasked with building a new five-acre paved compost area so the existing compost area could be abandoned for the future cell.  This required that crews remove 30,000 cubic yards of waste that was located within the footprint of the MSE wall and install geo-grid and structural fill in its place.  Kinsley pipe crews installed the storm drain system that was incorporated into the MSE wall along with modifications to the existing leachate system.