Thursday, August 1, 2013

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Office Building
Volvo has been a valued Kinsley customer since 2008. As a part of our continued relationship with the construction equipment manufacturer, Kinsley recently completed a series of projects at the company’s Shippensburg campus.

Volvo Office Addition
To permanently accommodate the move of Volvo’s sales staff to the Shippensburg campus, the company needed additional office space. Kinsley was engaged to construct a new 32,000 SF, two-story office building adjacent to their existing facility. The two structures are joined by a connector bridge/walkway on both floors. Volvo is deeply committed to sustainability and has incorporated it into their own real estate and design standards. These standards, along with some innovative design and construction practices employed by our team to achieve LEED points, puts this project on track to reach its goal of LEED Silver Certification.

Challenges on this project included a high level of pedestrian traffic and a rock-filled site. To overcome these challenges, Kinsley worked closely with Volvo’s safety and security team to ensure that employees and visitors were kept safe and clear of construction activities. Rock excavating and blasting had an approximate 6-week impact on the project schedule and occurred close to neighboring communities, requiring careful communication and coordination with Volvo and their neighbors.
PDI Facility

Recon/PDI, Maintenance Facility, and Test Track
In order to free up space in the manufacturing facility for future potential equipment assembly lines, Volvo  ngaged Kinsley to build new facilities for the company’s Recon/PDI shop and Maintenance Building for the facility maintenance staff. At the same time, we worked to extend their equipment test track so that Volvo could conduct expanded testing of graders and loaders.

Maintenance Facility
Maintaining the project schedule was the greatest challenge on this project. Rock excavation, the holidays and winter weather all threatened to impact the project schedule, but by developing construction alternatives to those challenges (like the installation of a mechanically fastened roof in lieu of a fully adhered roof, which isn’t conducive to cold weather application), we were able to deliver the project to meet Volvo's required completion dates.

PDI Facility
Kinsley continues to enjoy an excellent relationship with Volvo. We are already engaged in the renovation of the existing office facilities and we look forward to working on their new Customer Care Center which is currently in design.