Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mount Vernon Mill

Before Construction
After Construction
The renovation of the 263,000 SF century-old Mount Vernon Mill has come a long way since its start, much like the mill itself. Spanning the Jones Falls Waterway, the property was first the home of a flour mill, which utilized the Jones Falls to power its milling operations. Like several other flour mills in the area during the mid-1800s, the facility became part of the Mount Vernon Company, a leading maker of cotton duck cloth for ship sails and canvas cloth for tents. Soon the Mount Vernon Mill will enjoy its new life as a mixed-use complex that includes 93 apartments, an interior parking garage, retail space, commercial office space, and two restaurants.

Kinsley Construction is the Construction Manager of this historic adaptive reuse project. The pictures capture the Kinsley steel erectors constructing the clear span pedestrian bridge over the Jones Falls and also rigging the historical weaving loom back to its original home after being an artifact at the Baltimore Museum of Industry for many years.