Thursday, August 1, 2013

Heavy/Highway Division Overview

2013 is all about positive change for the highway and bridge division.  Our marketplace has been very challenging over the past few years, and we’ve experienced our share of turnover.  We’ve responded to these challenges by re-tooling operations and changing our mindset with respect to how we execute our work.  When the market is so tight that every move you make counts, you have to be prepared to make them all count.  The most impactful change occurring within the group is our shared understanding that we are working towards common goals - not individual interests.  As a result, we are experiencing increased pre-performance planning, greater communication, and sharper execution; with these things will come success.

Our estimators continue to work hard to maintain our competitive edge and to stay at the top of what remains a very competitive marketplace, and we have recently been awarded 4 new projects.  SR 116 from Broadway Street in Hanover towards Spring Grove is a safety and resurfacing project that will start next Spring.  In Lancaster County we have a new three-span bridge project over Amtrak that will start after existing high-tension power lines are relocated.  In Lehigh County we have a bridge project starting this summer that includes the rehabilitation of two bridge superstructures.  Most recently, we have been awarded a four-year maintenance contract for various repairs to 28 PennDOT bridges within District 8-0.  This contract includes up to three additional years of T&M work throughout the District to keep bridges at serviceable levels.  Maryland Bridge has recently been awarded a sizeable project in Clarksburg, Maryland from a repeat client.  Construction is just getting underway, and we’re excited about the opportunity to deliver another quality bridge project ahead of schedule to meet the Owner’s needs.  

Changing how we look at or think about the work we do is instrumental in staying ahead of the curve.  Our project managers and supervisors have the difficult challenge of meeting the owners’ wants and needs while ensuring each project is successful for us as well.  To see us emerging from the recession with such a high-quality highway and bridge team is a testament to the resolve of the Kinsley employees, and it all starts with a “can-do” attitude.

Fred Thompson
Division Coordinator