Thursday, August 1, 2013

Front Street (Harrisburg, PA)

Kinsley Heavy Highway/Bridge currently has a PennDOT project in Harrisburg PA, at the interchange of Front Street and SR 81.  This $1.4 million project consists of two single-span structures, both of which require the performance of the same scope of rehabilitation work.  The biggest challenge so far has been getting started on this project.  The first delay was due to the incompletion of the George Wade bridge contract.  Complicating matters was the tanker fire that took place in early may; the ramp that was affected by the fire - and closed due to instability - was on our detour route, requiring PennDOT to redesign a detour plan before we could start.  The project schedule was very tight to begin with; now we have even less time to complete the work this year. The first ramp to be done is the North Front Street to SR 81 Southbound ramp, then we’ll switch to the off-ramp from SR 81 to the South Front Street ramp.  The work items consist of: detouring the ramp, milling one-fourth inch off the existing deck, demolition of the back walls, remove and replace a three-foot portion of the deck and parapets  at the existing joints,  jacking of the structure to remove and replace the bridge beam bearings, set new dams, tie rebar and pour them in place, hydro demolition one-half inch off the deck and the placement of one and one-half inch of latex modified concrete on the deck within seven days, and reconstructing approximately  800 feet of shoulder on each side of the structure with asphalt and concrete patching of the existing ramps.  This work needs done in under 90 calendar days or it’s a $5800 fine per day.  We are maintaining an aggressive schedule, keeping PennDOT well- informed of potential delays, and the crews are beating aggressive productions.  This formula will keep us on schedule to have the first bridge completed within 90 days. The last items to be completed do not fall under the 90-day time limit and include structural steel repairs, removal of the lead-based paint, and application of a new paint system on the beams of both structures.