Thursday, August 1, 2013

50 Years of Setting the Standard

‘The Kinsley Way’
Left to Right: Tim Kinsley, Pat Kinsley, Jon Kinsley, Anne Kinsley, Rob Kinsley, Bob Kinsley and Chris Kinsley
Companies are defined by their reputation, culture and values. At Kinsley Construction, we call that “The Kinsley Way.” With guiding principles that emphasize quality, accountability, a sense of urgency, employee empowerment and achieving results, Kinsley has been setting the standard for construction excellence for 50 years. Today, Kinsley is proud to have developed seven separate business units that are fully capable of operating independently but that have the ability to join forces and provide more cost-effective, efficient and coordinated projects for its clients. The business units also provide stability for the company as market forces vary within different market sectors. The day-to-day activities at Kinsley are managed by second-generation family executives and personnel who “grew up” in the business. Bob Kinsley, founder and CEO, remains involved in all aspects of the corporation on a daily basis.