Friday, October 19, 2012

Introducing "BIM 360"

Changes Occurring in Field Management

If you’re out on one of our jobsites and happen to see some of the staff walking around with iPads, don’t worry – they’re not playing Angry Birds or updating their status on Facebook. They’re actually deploying the latest technology available in the construction industry. Since the 1980’s, Autodesk has played a large role in how architects, engineers, and contractors have been doing business. Autodesk has recently acquired a long time partner of them, Vela Systems. Vela Systems has developed new software for use on the Apple iPad to assist in field management. The new software is appropriately named Autodesk BIM “360 Field”. Read more from Autodesk here.

Construction Benefits:

360 Field will revolutionize construction management by streamlining field management tasks and by bringing solutions directly to the field. BIM 360 offers many services in the construction field including:
Create issues (Work to complete or punchlists), checklists, and tasks specific to your project out in the field
Mark up drawings or photos to help clarify any problems or help with solutions
Associate any issue with a location (linked to a drawing) and with the responsible subcontractor
Fill out quality, safety, and commissioning checklists in the field
View the 3D BIM coordination model
Share data with all team members in real time
All project data saved with author, date, and time is stored in one location for audit tracking

Owner Benefits:

Within 360 Field, an Owner can expect a higher quality project through enhanced field management, helping to keep the project on schedule and on budget. An “Owner’s role” can be setup that will allow the owner to follow the project in real time, and be aware of what is happening.
Real time project updates
Quicker notification of issues found
Increase accountability on the jobsite – all issues are tracked by company and time stamped
Quality is “built into” the project as it progresses, and not just “inspected” at the end
Structured format of all data collected into one database for easy access and viewing
Endless interaction with subcontractors saving time and preventing miscommunications
Fast tracks owner solutions
Helps with owner handover – tracks equipment, install and startup dates, and commissioning information

Integration with BIM:

360 Field will work in unison with our BIM workflow, and will add another tool in developing a higher quality project that goes above and beyond owner expectations.
360 Field synchronizes with the Autodesk Navisworks program to   include even more information
Option of pursing facility management and maintenance plans directly from a 3D coordination model
O&M, submittal, and maintenance information can be stored within the 3D model
View the 3D BIM coordination model out in the field


Kinsley has already implemented BIM 360 and are now starting to benefit from this technology. The first step was to develop a core team who will lead the implementation and train the key individuals on each specific project, including our project executive, project manager, project engineer, superintendent, and safety representative. We have started using this process on projects such as: Mt. Vernon Mill, The Gunther at Brewers Hill, Hershey Next Century Phase 2, Volvo NE Headquarters, York College Business Administration Additions and Renovations, Phoenix Contact RBU Expansion, and the Gettysburg Hotel.

This is definitely a time of change within the construction industry and we here at Kinsley are proud to be on the leading edge. For more information regarding Kinsley's 360 Field Management program, please contact Travis Fischer, BIM Program Manager at or 717-741-8416.